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Reference Intervals for Serum Creatinine with Jaffe's Method in Healthy Chinese Geriatric Population by Yang Wang, Yuanqing Yang, Min Hu, Aiguo Tang, Zhongyuan Xiang

Background: Reliable reference intervals (RIs) for the serum creatinine (SCr), assayed by Jaffe's method and categorized in small intervals, are still lacking in elderly population. The study aims to establish RIs for SCr with Jaffe's method in healthy geriatric population of China.
Methods: Eight hundred twenty cases from six representative geographical regions in China (including 369 male cases and 374 female cases) of apparently healthy Chinese elderly aged 60 - 90 years were recruited. SCr were analyzed by an ARCHITECT c8000 biochemical analyzer with Jaffe's method, and RIs for Scr with Jaffe's method were determined following CLSI C28-A3 guidelines using a nonparametric method.
Results: In apparently healthy Chinese geriatric population of China, the RIs for Scr with Jaffe's method were 69.4 ~ 113.1, 74.1 ~ 122.1, 75.2 ~ 126.9 µmol/L, respectively, for males aged 61 - 70, 71 - 80, 81 - 90 years and 60.7 ~ 91.6, 62.2 ~ 102.5, 86.5 ~ 107.2 µmol/L, respectively, for females aged 61 - 70, 71 - 80, 81 - 90 years.
Conclusions: The RIs for Scr using Jaffe's method were established within apparently healthy geriatric Chinese population according to CLSI C28-A3 document, providing a reference for clinical practice.

DOI: 10.7754/Clin.Lab.2019.190310