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Increased Serum Sedimentation and Positive Tuberculosis Antibody Combined Left Lung Consolidation in Chest CT Scan in an Adult Patient Firstly Misdiagnosed as Tuberculosis Proved as Foreign Body Aspiration in the Left Main Stem Bronchus by Bronchoscopy: a Case Report and Literature Review by Yan L. Ge, Yi Chen, Meng H. Wang, Qian Zhang, Wen Q. Li, Cong H. Liu, Hai F. Zhang, Shuang Zhang, Chen Hao, Ci Zhang, Xiao Y. Zhu, Li Q. Li, Ai S. Fu

Background: Foreign body aspiration is a rare entity in adults. We presented an adult case with recurrent pulmonary infection firstly misdiagnosed as tuberculosis, which proved as foreign body aspiration in the left main stem bronchus by bronchoscopy.
Methods: Appropriate laboratory tests are carried out. The chest CT scan and bronchoscopy were performed for diagnosis.
Results: Serum sedimentation was increased and tuberculosis antibody was positive. The chest CT scan showed left lung consolidation and small pleural exudate on the left side. Significant calcification can be seen near the left main bronchus. The bronchoscopy demonstrated plenty of yellow sputum in left main bronchus and a peanut shell completely obstructed the left main bronchus and peripheral granulation tissue hyperplasia. The peanut shell was removed and the left main trachea was unobstructed.
Conclusions: When a patient has recurrent pulmonary infection, especially at the same site, physicians should pay attention to airway obstruction caused by foreign body, cancer and other causes of airway stenosis. Bronchoscopy is crucial for the ultimate diagnosis.

DOI: 10.7754/Clin.Lab.2019.190201