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Method for ABO Blood Group Testing Using a General-Purpose Automated Biochemical Analyzer by Satoshi Tada, Shoichi Kanayama, Akemi Miyagawa, Koji Murao

Background: We investigated a high-throughput and high-precision forward ABO blood typing screening method that utilizes a general-purpose biochemical analyzer to perform direct red blood cell sampling.
Methods: The blood group antisera used were Ortho® BioClone® Anti-A Serum and Ortho® BioClone® Anti-B Se-rum. AFFIRMAGEN® Reagent Red Blood Cells (Ortho Clinical Diagnostics) were used for AB standard red blood cells. The general-purpose biochemical analyzer employed was the TBATM-120FR HbA1c measurement unit (Canon Medical Systems).
Results: ABO blood group of patient samples was determined based on values relative to amount of change in the AFFIRMAGEN® response. Repeatability was CV5% or lower, and testing of 1,112 patient samples showed 100% agreement between the results obtained using the proposed method and those obtained using the tube test method. Conclusions: The proposed method allows ABO blood typing to be performed simply, quickly, and with a high degree of precision.

DOI: 10.7754/Clin.Lab.2018.181103