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The rs1986112 Variant is Associated with Increased RAB8B Gene Expression in Schizophrenic Patients by Amir H. Johari, Farhad R. Nejad, Nader Mansoori, Fatemeh Vafaei, Shima Salehi, Elham Alehabib, Somayeh Alinaghi, Marjan Chapi, Faezeh Jamali, Hossein Darvish, Hamid Ghaedi

Background: Schizophrenia (SCZ) is a serious mental disorder that interferes with a person's cognitive processes and leads to social disability. A wide range of factors may play important roles in increased risk of SCZ development. Genetic contributors are among the most influential actors involved in different molecular mechanisms leading to the development of the nervous system, thus they play pivotal roles in psychotic disorders and SCZ de-velopment. RAB8B is characterized for its key roles in several cellular and molecular mechanisms which are linked with different psychotic disorders, such as SCZ.
Methods: In this study, we assessed the expression level of RAB8B gene in blood samples of schizophrenic patients and normal healthy controls by means of quantitative real time PCR. We also investigated the correlation between RAB8B-rs1986112 genotypes and RAB8B expression levels through SNP genotyping by means of the PCR-RFLP method.
Results: Our results indicated a significant difference of RAB8B mRNA ratio between SCZ patients and healthy controls. Moreover, we showed significant upregulation of RAB8B in patients with rs1986112 GG and AG genotype compared to AA genotype.
Conclusions: Our findings suggest a role for RAB8B and its regulatory variation, rs1986112 in SCZ development.

DOI: 10.7754/Clin.Lab.2018.180832