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Mean Platelet Volume as an Inflammation Marker Reflecting the Severity of Perianal Abscesses by Zhang Yingyi, Pan Jiyong, Wang Zhigang, Feng Lu

Background: A perianal abscess (PA) is a common disease in colorectal surgery practice. The mean platelet volume (MPV) is a parameter, which reflects the activation of platelets. The present study determined the relationship between PAs and MPV.
Methods: The PA and control groups (healthy matched patients) were compared, then the PA group was divided into two subgroups. The laboratory results were compared.
Results: Sixty-five patients were enrolled in this study, including 45 patients with PA and 20 control subjects. The white blood cell (WBC) level was significantly higher in the PA group than in the control group. The PA group was divided into two subgroups for further research [PA 1 subgroup (purulent drainage ≤ 3 mL) and PA 2 subgroup (purulent drainage > 3 mL)]. The PA 1 subgroup included 21 patients and the PA 2 subgroup included 24 patients. The MPV level was lower in the PA group compared to the control group. There was no difference in the WBC count in the PA 1 and PA 2 subgroups. The MPV was lower in the PA 2 than in the PA 1 group.
Conclusions: The MPV was lower in PA patients than in the control group. The MPV reflected the severity of PA. The MPV may thus be an indicator of PA severity.

DOI: 10.7754/Clin.Lab.2018.180627