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Primary Cutaneous Nocardia brasiliensis in a Spanish Child by Maria Ercibengoa, Diego Vicente, Leonor Arranz, Aitor S. de Ugarte, Jose M. Marimon

Background: We report a case of a primary cutaneous nocardiosis by autochthonous Nocardia brasiliensis in a Spanish immunocompetent 9-year-old boy.
Methods: N. brasiliensis caused cellulitis showing the patient recovery after drainage and treatment with trimethoprim-sulfamethoxazole. Nocardia grew in pure culture and its identification was confirmed by sequencing (16S rRNA) and by MALDI-TOF MS (Bruker, Daltonics, Germany).
Conclusions: In Spain although N. brasiliensis cutaneous infections in children are very infrequent should not be ruled out when an insect bite, stuck with a pine needle or an animal scratch has existed and the wound evolution is torpid.

DOI: 10.7754/Clin.Lab.2018.180531