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Evaluation of Magnesium in Serum and Urine in Patients with Pulmonary Diseases by Ljudmila Nagorni-Obradović, Svetlana Ignjatović, Vesna Bošnjak-Petrović, Marija Mitić-Milikić

We evaluated magnesium (Mg) in serum and 24-hour urine in patients with acute and chronic pulmonary diseases. Mg was determined in 114 patients, 56 with acute pulmonary diseases (group I) and 58 patients with acute exacerbation of chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (group II), at the start (To) and at the end of hospital treatment (T1). In group I, in period To, there were disturbances of Mg in serum in 14 patients (25%) which decreased in period T1 and persisted in 4 patients (7.1%) (p < 0.05). In group II the distribution of normal, decreased and increased Mg in serum was similar in periods To and T1 (p > 0.05). Hypomagnesemia was found in 9 patients (16.1%) in group I at the start of treatment (To), with accompanying increased Mg in 24–hour urine in only 4 patients (7.2%). Extrarenal elimination of Mg or transcellular distribution was a possibility. In group II in period To there was a proportional ratio between hypomagnesemia (12-20.7% patients) and increased concentration of Mg in 24–hour urine (20 – 34.5% patients) probably due to renal loss. Simultaneous determination and follow-up of Mg in serum and in 24–hour urine can give information about electrolyte disturbances in acute and chronic pulmonary diseases.

DOI: Clin. Lab. 2005;51:647-652