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Assessment of an Expert System for the Automated Validation of Electrophoretic Profiles by Romolo M. Dorizzi, Valerio Zanardi, Riziero Agnoletti, Anna Alberelli, Alessandra Babini, Paolo De Vita

Background: The Core-lab of the Greater Romagna Area Hub Laboratory carries out about 250,000 capillary electrophoresis assays/year. The huge workload demands the assessing of an Experimental Expert System (EES) capable to sort out the negative samples.
Methods: Capillarys 2 analyzer has been employed coupled with an EES (based on five simple rules) integrated with the electrophoretic test management software PhoresisCore for assessing the entire workload of a week (5,683 samples). The classification was compared with that of two expert laboratorians.
Results: The expert system automatically classified 2974 profiles as negative and no positive samples were erroneously classified as negative (negative predictive value: 100%).
Conclusions: The EES sensitivity was 100% and the FTE required for the validation was reduced from 1.26 to 0.63. The EES could be easily implemented in routine activity embedded in a middleware or directly running in the analyzer improving the workflow.

DOI: 10.7754/Clin.Lab.2014.140715