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Evaluation of Immunoturbidimetric Albumin Reagent from Diagam on c502/Cobas8000® Analyzer: Comparison with Immunonephelometry and Colorimetric Methods by Anne Marie Dupuy, Marion Almeras, Stephanie Badiou, Anne Sophie Bargnoux, Jean Paul Cristol

Background: Until now, specific proteins have traditionally been analyzed by immunonephelometry requiring specific equipment. Due to laboratory consolidation, turbidimetry is commonly used for the determination of specific proteins. Biochemistry analyzers have a wide range of turbidimetric assays available to a single workstation, which makes them particularly efficient. For our laboratory consolidation, we installed two distinct Cobas8000® modular analyzer series. However, the turbidimetric albumin from Roche did not give satisfactory results in regard to the traceability to the reference measurement material.
Methods: Analytical assays of turbidimetric albumin from Diagam (Liège, Belgique) on c502/Cobas8000®, including imprecision studies, accuracy using the ERM®-DA470k/IFCC, and correlation with nephelometry and colorimetry, were performed.
Results: Total precision for the immunoturbidimetric assays was consistently better than 2.3% CV and linear throughout the dynamic range of the assays. Correlation of serum albumin by turbidimetry is in good agreement with nephelometry. The mean  SD of the reference material ERM-DA470k was 37.6  0.25 g/L, with a bias of 1.07%.
Conclusions: Turbidimetric albumin from Diagam meets the requirements of accuracy and precision for optimal clinical use and could be an alternative without the associated cost of a dedicated instrument in the context of laboratory consolidation.

DOI: 10.7754/Clin.Lab.2014.131120