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Multicentre Evaluation of Performance of C-Reactive Protein Analysis over a One-Year Period by N. Bewarder, F. Abmeier, S. Bergmann, S. Drohla, V. Drescher, A. Gerstmeyer, S. Kuß, L. Melamies, R. Miksch, V. Ortin, A. Rietschel-Klein, V. Neumeister, J. Odarjuk, M.M. Stratmann, A. Weinhold, B. Wiesner, D.A. Wildbredt, P. Wollenberg, J. Zinsmeyer, M. Zogbaum, P. Zwerenz, M. Zwirner and W.G. Wood

This communication deals with a longitudinal evaluation of C-reactive protein (CRP) analysis during a one-year period using a single lot of liquid control sera (3 levels) (BIOREF-CRP levels 1, 2 and 3) in different laboratories. A total of 652 sets of data were returned from 20 participating laboratories using 13 different reagent-measuring device combinations. The use of the control materials was defined in a standard operating procedure. Data was returned to the organizers on a monthly basis and questions could be asked or problems presented during the evaluation period. Although the performance of different reagents varied, the control materials were shown to be stable over the whole of the evaluation period when stored at 4-7 °C in a refrigerator/cold room. Typical problems were encountered, examples of which are presented here in graphical and tabular form.

DOI: Clin. Lab. 2006;52:639-654