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Kidd Blood Group Allele Frequencies in Thai Blood Donors by Anan Sudkaew, Kamphon Intharanut, Nipapan Leetrakool, Oytip Nathalang

Background: We present Kidd blood group allele frequencies in Thai blood donors and compare them with other frequencies for other populations previously reported.
Methods: Eight hundred blood samples obtained from 500 central Thais and 300 northern Thais were genotyped by allele specific-PCR.
Results: It was found that JK*01 and JK*02 allele frequencies were 0.503 and 0.497 in central Thais, while the frequencies were 0.498 and 0.502 in northern Thais. The JK*01 and JK*02 allele frequencies in Thais were similar to those in Chinese populations, whereas the frequencies were significantly different from Japanese, French Basques, and African-Americans.
Conclusions: This is the first to report of Kidd blood group allele frequencies in Thais, which is beneficial for the prevention of both alloimmunization and adverse transfusion reactions.

DOI: 10.7754/Clin.Lab.2013.130806