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Alteration of Ischemia Modified Albumin and Nitric Oxide Levels in Hypothyroidism by Kiran Dahiya, Monica Verma, Rakesh Dhankhar, Veena Singh, Pratap S. Ghalaut, Shashi Seth

Background: Thyroid disorders especially hypothyroidism is associated with increased generation of oxidants. Nitric oxide and ischemia modified albumin are considered markers for oxidative stress. In addition, nitric oxide is involved in regulation of thyroid function and coagulation profile alteration in thyroid disorders may produce ischemia like conditions.
Methods: Nitric oxide and ischemia modified albumin were estimated in fifty patients of newly diagnosed hypothyroidism using standard photocolorimetric techniques. Results were compared with fifty healthy euthyroid controls and subjected to appropriate statistical analysis.
Results: Nitric oxide and ischemia modified albumin were found to be significantly raised (p < 0.05) in hypothyroid patients as compared to controls. A positive, but statistically insignificant correlation was observed between nitric oxide and ischemia modified albumin.
Conclusions: Estmation of nitric oxide and ischemia modified albumin in hypothyroidism may help to throw light on its pathogenesis and assessing the severity of the disease, though further research is needed to establish their role as biomarkers in hypothyroidism.

DOI: 10.7754/Clin.Lab.2013.130432