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Partial Restoration of Immunoglobulin Production by Cytokines in Common Variable Immunodeficiency by Terufumi Yamaguchi, Yasuki Hijikata, Miyako Tanaka, Chikara Hirase, Shunsuke Takai, Yasuyoshi Morita, Akihisa Kanamaru

We describe a 26-year-old female referred to us because of recurrent bacterial pneumonia. Her immunoglobulin profile on admission was; IgG 1920 mg/l, IgA 60 mg/l, IgM 260 mg/l, IgD below 20 mg/l, IgE below 1 kU/l. Antinuclear antibodies, EBV VCA IgM, anti-parvovirus B19 IgM antibodies and hepatitis infection markers were all negative. Bone marrow aspiration revealed normal cellularity without abnormal cells, especially plasma cell proliferation. No rearrangement for IgH and TCR was observed as determined by Southern blot analysis. By the given data, a diagnosis of common variable immunodeficiency (CVID) was made. The genesis of this disease remained unclear. In this study, proliferation and immunoglobulin production with or without several stimulators were examined. Proliferation stimulated by PHA, Con-A, LPS, or IL-2 was decreased compared to that of healthy individuals. Immunoglobulin production after stimulation with several agents was quite low. Interestingly, however, IL-2 or IL-4 could increase IgM production on 6 days culture significantly. These results indicate that IL-2 or IL-4 possibly restore T cell responses to several antigens and induce B cell differentiation.

DOI: Clin. Lab. 2007;53:469-475