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CASE REPORTBacteramia Caused by Gardnerella Vaginalis in a Cesarean Section Patient by Yili Chen, Xinhong Han, Penghao Guo, Han Huang, Zhongwen Wu, Kang Liao

Background: Gardnerella vaginalis is a facultative anaerobic and small gram-variable rod bacterium. G. vaginalis, which can be transmitted through sexual contact, is the common pathogen for the feminine bacterial pathogen (BV). Here we describe a case of bacteremia in a patient after cesarean section caused by G. vaginalis in China. Case presentation: A 35-year-old woman suffered bacteremia caused by G. vaginalis after cesarean section. This patient, without evidence of polymicrobial infection, was treated with cefuroxime and had a good outcome.
Conclusions: G. vaginalis bacteremia is rarely reported. Our report expands the range of infection caused by G. vaginalis.

DOI: 10.7754/Clin.Lab.2017.171035